Many athletes today put their bodies under too much physical exercise. Many positive effects result from athletes exercising, such as increased performances and muscle adaptation – Click here to learn more.

However, exercise also has adverse effects, such as wear and tear of the muscles and trauma. Due to the pain, athletes rely on other ways to manage dangerous pain, which can lead to death.

This process has led many athletes to question whether CBD is safer for relieving excess pain. The use of extra painkillers in the middle of an opioid pandemic has made athletes begin to use CBD to reduce inflammation.

Are Athletes Legally Allowed to Use CBD?

Athletes are allowed to use CBD as a way to reduce pain. In 2018, the anti-doping agency in the U.S removed CBD from the list of dangerous drugs to use.

However, it is essential to note that the government removed only CBD from that list. Another element of marijuana, such as THC, is illegal for use by athletes. Cannabidiol that has been synthetically made is also unlawful for use due to the risk it possesses for athletes.

Benefits Athletes Get From CBD

When athletes use CBD, there are a lot of advantages that come with it. Below are some of them:

● CBD Acts as a Pain Reliever

CBD Acts as a Pain Reliever

Research has shown that CBD is highly effective in reducing pain, especially muscular pain. Researchers also found that CBD also reduced pain around athletes’ joints.

However, although the research shows that pain is indeed reduced, it is not to a higher degree for athletes.

● CBD is an alternative to ibuprofen and naproxen sodium

Many athletes over the years have been using ibuprofen and naproxen sodium. However, these are not as safe as thought to be.

Many distance runners are usually advised to avoid these drugs because they can damage their ligaments. With prolonged use of the medicines, athletes can get a stroke or other heart-related illnesses.

Nevertheless, many athletes have found using CBD rather than those drugs effective. By reducing pain, CBD can potentially have minimal risks compared to ibuprofen and naproxen sodium.

● CBD is an Opioid Alternative

In a report published in 2016, as many as 42,000 deaths resulted from opioid consumption in the U.S. Some opioid medications, such as morphine and codeine, are highly effective in reducing pain among athletes.

However, they may lead to death or a stroke in the long run if consumed too much. CBD is recommended to athletes to relieve pain in the long term since minimal health risks are in place compared to opioids.

● CBD improves the quality of sleep

For athletes to perform well, they must have an adequate sleep. The athletes who reported to be using CBD were sleeping easily and relaxed.

This improved sleep is due to the inhibition of adipose re-uptake. CBD inhibits the receptors making adipose accumulate in the brain, effectively creating a person sleep comfortably.


CBD is highly effective for athletes, especially in terms of reducing pan. When athletes take it, they are guaranteed minimal health risks compared to using illegal substances. However, it’s important that athletes do thorough research before deciding whether they should try it or not.

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