Vaping or Smoking Affect

Undeniably, vapes and ejuice ranges have already been made popular as alternatives to cigarette smoking. During the twenty-first century, people just can’t spend much of their time drinking alcoholic beverages. Why? It is because they are accustomed to using nicotine as a relaxation drug whenever they’re stressed. During those times, people can still be high in nicotine while still being highly-functional in society.

Cigarette smoking is not only tolerated but also reputable in our community. When people discuss vaping, there’s often a shift in focus. Vaping is not only seen as a hobby among young people; it is also believed to be less harmful than cigarette smoking. Since the appearance of electronic cigarettes, young schoolboys have started to dream about trying them with their friends. Either they just want to look “cool” and confident or have medical symptoms to ease; they need to know the serious effects these seemingly “safer alternatives” can cause to their health.

The General Cons of Vaping

  • Vape users need to understand that no matter how expensive the electronic cigarette’s e-liquid is, it can still harm their health. E-liquid chemicals differ, and thus, we can’t safely assume that all of these juices are equally harmful. But one thing is definite: all of these vape products can negatively impact your physical performance.
  • E-liquids can provoke allergies too. Most of these flavored juices have real food ingredients. Meaning, consuming plenty of walnuts or peanut-flavored liquid can trigger your nut allergies.
  • Vape batteries don’t work all the time correctly. It works the same as any other kinds of batteries used in your electronic devices. Therefore, we cannot rule out the possibility of battery explosion, which may severely damage and hurt your face (since vapes are usually held close to the user’s face).

How does it impact your sports performance?

The following are the reasons why athletes who vape or smoke have to quit their sports career:

  • Increased blood pressure and heart rate make it a lot harder for them to excel in sports.
  • There has been an evident decrease in physical flexibility and strength.
  • They developed insomnia and abnormal sleeping patterns.
  • They are already more vulnerable to fractures and other injuries such as tendonitis, bursitis, and sprains.
  • There has been a possible lung, joints, and bone inflammation, resulting in osteoporosis, arthritis, and low back pain.
  • These athletes admitted they significantly gained or lost weight.
  • Significant decrease in physical endurance
  • Shorter breath
  • Dehydration (most probably caused by the e-liquid’s special elements)
  • Nicotine withdrawal can make athletes less active. It impairs their training endurance.
  • Nicotine addiction

Final Words

Even though you can afford the best and most expensive pod system, it does not guarantee that you are already exempted from health complications. Although vaping can also lead to positive health effects and can increase your sports performance, these positives will always be outweighed by the negatives.

Regardless of its advantages, we can conclude only one thing after knowing those recent studies: satisfying your curiosity and nicotine cravings will never be a good reason to risk your sports career.

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